In this article we will analyze the rules of the affiliate program.

For the attracted user

Each attracted user of the service who clicked on your affiliate link will get a bonus of 10 days when paying for any tariff plan.

For the current user

For the first payment for any tariff plan of the attracted user by personal affiliate link, the current user of the service receives remuneration in days, which is calculated by the formula:

The cost of the tariff for which the new user has registered / Minimum cost of the tariff * 3 days;

  • Example 1: A user registered at your affiliate link and paid for the Advanced rate, so the formula will look like this:

          990 / 590 * 3 = 5 days;

  • Example 2: A user registered at your affiliate link and paid for the Creative rate, so the formula will look like this:

          590 / 590 * 3 = 3 days;

If you are on a Free plan, days will accumulate until you upgrade to any paid plan.

If you are on any paid plan, the days will be credited to you as soon as the attracted user has paid for his plan.

The term of payment of the plan by the attracted user is not taken into account.

Existing service user receives remuneration (for the payment of his tariff by the attracted user) once, subsequent purchases or renewals will not be rewarded.

Registration for free tariff is not rewarded, but if the involved user after working in the service will decide to buy a paid tariff, the reward will be credited immediately after its payment, regardless of the amount of time elapsed.

The partner program is unlimited in time and in the number of the invited users.

Information about the number of invited users and accumulated or credited days can be found in the profile settings.

Personal affiliate link can be copied in a widget on the home page, to do this, click on the button "Link" and it will automatically be placed on the clipboard.