In this article we'll look at connecting automatic payment and the conditions of charging.

Automatic payment can be connected at purchase, change or prolongation of any paid tariff. To connect, you need to tick the appropriate phrase.

In the window of auto-payment connection individual conditions of writing-off are always specified, proceeding from the date of first payment and chosen tariff.

You can view the information, as well as disable autopayment in your account settings or write an email to with a request to "Disable auto-pay".

When you activate auto-pay, each service user receives a 20% discount for the first two months (write-off) on auto-pay. If you initially paid for 3 / 6 / 12 months, then auto-pay will start to be deducted after the selected period monthly. 

Discounts for tariff purchase and discount for auto-payment connection are not summed up.

Important! Auto-pay can be connected only if you pay with a bank card.