Creating a new bot in Telegram is easy, here are the steps on how to do it:

     1. You need to open Telegram, find the system bot @BotFather and start a dialog with it;

@BotFather is the official Telegram bot that creates and registers other bots in the messenger.

     2. Send the /newbot command to a dialog with @BotFather;

     3. Enter the name of the future bot;

     4. Select a unique username for the bot, ending in "bot" or "_bot" (example: "hello_bot", "newbot", "best_bot", "iampuzzlebot", etc.);

Great! You have created a bot!

To bind your bot to the PuzzleBot service, you will need to enter the API key into the corresponding window in your personal cabinet.

An API key is a secret code that allows you to set up communication with the bot outside the Telegram client.

Congratulations! You were able to create a bot and bind it to the service. Have a great job!